Workshop on the plasmasphere

IASB-BIRA (Brussels, Belgium), 19-21 September 2007

Agenda (.pdf, 159kb)
Workshop website

Plasmasphere Brainstorm Meeting

ESA (Paris, France), 16 July 2004

Announcement (.pdf, 346kb)
Agenda (.pdf, 125kb)
Minutes (.pdf, 212kb)

General Introduction (D. Carpenter)

Whistler-mode and Z-mode (.pdf)
Plasmasphere Boundary Layer (.pdf)
Echoes observed by IMAGE/RPI and electron density profiles from CRRES/SFR (.pdf)

Plasmasphere Dynamics

Plasmaspheric evolution during erosion (J. Goldstein) (.pdf)
Formation and deformation of the plasmapause (V. Pierrard) (.pdf)
Cluster and Image observations of plasmaspheric plumes (F. Darrouzet) (.pdf)
Ionospheric signatures of plasmaspheric plumes (H. Vo) (.pdf)
Ion distributions in the plasmasphere with Cluster-CIS data (I. Dandouras) (.pdf)
Convective instabilities in the plasmasphere (N. Andre) (.pdf)


Equatorial noise emissions observed close to the plasmapause (O. Santolik) (.pdf)
Discrete whistler-mode emissions observed close to the plasmapause (O. Santolik) (.pdf)
Intense VLF emissions observed near the geomagnetic equator (J. Lemaire) (.pdf)
Observations of mid-latitude hiss near the plasmapause (A. Masson) (.pdf)
Spatio-temporal observations of non-thermal continuum (S. Grimald) (.pdf)
L-shell - frequency WHISPER spectrograms (P. Décréau) (.pdf)

Non-thermal Continuum Brainstorm Meeting

LPCE (Orléans, France), 06-07 April 2004

Agenda (.pdf)
Minutes (.pdf)

Non-thermal Continuum from IMAGE/RPI (J. Green) (.pdf)
Non-thermal Continuum from IMAGE - Geotail (S. Boardsen) (.pdf)

Cluster/WHISPER Observations:

Overview (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
Magnetosheath Events (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
Solar Wind Events (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
Spacecraft close to Source (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
30DEC2003 Event (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
Other Case Events (P. Canu) (.pdf)
Continuum Enhancements (P. Gough) (.pdf)
Triangulation Techniques (T. Carozzi) (.pdf)
Linear Window Theory (S. Grimald) (.pdf)
Non Linear Approach (V. Krasnosselskihk)
Geomagnetic Storm Events (S. Benck) (.pdf)
Mid-latitude Hiss (A. Masson) (.pdf)

Plasmasphere Brainstorm Meeting

IASB (Brussels, Belgium), 22 July 2003

Agenda (.pdf)

Simulation of the plasmapause (L. Dricot) (.pdf)
Results from Image-EUV (V. Pierrard) (.pdf)
Results from Cluster-WHISPER (F. Darrouzet) (.pdf)
Wavelet analysis of Image-EUV pictures (J. Cabrera) (.pdf)

Plasmasphere Brainstorm Meeting

IASB (Brussels, Belgium), 24-25 February 2003

Agenda (.pdf)
Minutes (.pdf)

Electric Field Models (V. Pierrard) (.pdf)
Plasmaspheric Spacecraft Measurements (F. Darrouzet) (.pdf)
Polar Results (H. Laakso) (.pdf)
Spacecraft Potential - Electron Density (A. Masson) (.pdf)
Whisper Results: AGU 2001 Talk (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
Whisper Results: COSPAR 2002 Talk (P. Décréau) (.pdf)
Cluster Results (H. Laakso) (.pdf)
Barycentric Tools (G. Chanteur) (.pdf)


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